Christos wasn't the only hardcore THOR fan at the show in Nashville Jeff Decker and his wife, Angel, drove 11 hours from Omaha, Nebraska! Two very committed Thunderhawks!
See Jeff Decker's report from the Nashville show.

Ground Zero in Spartanburg, SC was our next destination. We arrived at the club early in the afternoon and were pleased to meet the nicest club staff ever! Very friendly, real, and full of metal insanity. This club was definitely home to many Metal shows, and we felt right at home. After another great show, and after all the fans were able to meet the band, we hung around for a couple hours with the staff of Ground Zero and shared some drinks & laughs. Thanks to all at Ground Zero who made our visit to Spartanburg so enjoyable. Rock Warriors Unite!

July 29th: We're off to Kings Barcade in Raleigh, NC - which is only a mile or so from my house. This will be the last THOR show that I'll be able to attend on this tour, as I'm scheduled to join DEVO on their tour on August 2nd. We're all kind of sad about that, but we vow to make this show a great one. THOR and I got some great press in Raleigh's weekly newspaper, The Independent just in time to promote the show at Kings. A great crowd showed up, and it was nice to see my Raleigh friends in attendance (Scott Craddock of Hollow Bunny Records, Lorraine, Megan, Marcus, Dio, and the Kings Barcade crew).

After the show, I returned home with Mike Favata and Magnus. We stayed up late watching video that I shot of the Kings show that night. When they left for their next show early in the morning, I bid them farewell and started preparing for my tour with DEVO.

I'm collecting reports from other fans on the shows that followed, including those in August, October, and December.

Contact me if you'd like to submit photos and/or a report.

Here are a few fan reports I've received so far:
Sleazegrinder - Coolidge Theatre - Boston, MA - Aug. 3
Piercing Metal - The Continental - NYC - Aug. 5
Malcolm Tent - Patterson, NY - Aug. 6
SEE PHOTO by Bill Carter - Aug. 12 - Detroit/I-Rock
Aaron Hart - East Gate Lounge - Fargo, MD - Aug. 17
Ramon Medina - Rudyards - Houston, TX - Aug. 20
Andrew Austin - Rudyards - Houston, TX - Aug. 20
Chart Attack review - Oct. 28th - Vancouver, BC

SugarBuzz review - Dec. 14 - Seattle, WA

Below is a report from THOR himself on the last few live shows of 2005 in Oregon and California:

"Well it has been a WILD tour to say the least.

Starting with Eugene at John Henry's - (John Henry was the legend of American folklore who was the man with Hammer). The crowd was fantastic and totally rocked out to the very first THOR concert ever in Eugene with THOR getting the crowd fist pumping with his Hammer.

San Francisco's concert at The Pound hosted by Danny Shipman and Reality Check TV was Insane. Fans were jumping up on stage jumping on THOR as he sang "We Live To Rock" and "Thunder On The Tundra".

In Alameda, California the crowd went hysterical as in the encore, a bucket of green jell-o was dumped on the hardwood floor to form a jello moshpit. Jell-o was flying all over the place as THOR and band sang. There were piles of bodies colliding, writhing and sliding on the jell-o to the Powerful Beat of THOR music.

Portland was another amazing gig as the THOR Korr sang with every song from select albums. Sabalas Mt. Tarbor theater was the site of a THOR concert of epic stature as The Punk Group, who released their new excellent cd were there to do an amazing set. Before THOR came on stage they played their hit "Here Comes THOR!".

Frank Soda has impressed many on the shows in late 2005, as well with his theatrics and powerful guitar playing. Ben Frith, Adam Riddler and Umberto Powers kept the pace hard, fast and furious.

Hope to see you at another thunderous THOR show soon!"

- Jon Mikl THOR - December 2005

Keep checking THOR's live show schedule for upcoming shows.


-MIchael Pilmer
Webmaster & Archivist for THOR