by CROWGRRL (December 2004)

Jon Mikl Thor's first movie appearance was in the 1986 action/comedy, Recruits. The film has been compared to Police Academy, but is definitely an entity of its own. A police sergeant has two weeks to get control of the crime problem in the town of Clam Cove - the mayor wants to make a good impression on the governor, who's coming to visit. The police force supplements the overworked staff with a new motorcycle unit made up of regular citizens.

Crowgrrl: Your other movies were more Horror Genre. What made you decide to get involved with this comedy?

Thor: I was offered by Roger Corman to be in a Motorcycle adventure movie. I didn't know until I read the script that it was a comedy along the lines of Police Academy with a little more nudity.

C: Tell us about your role in this movie.

T: I play the character "ThunderHead", a tough guy muscular Renegade turned cop.

C: How much control did you have in developing this character?

I played him my own way and developed his character like I do in all my films. The director liked it and we went with it.

C: What was the most fun scene while filming?

Watching Lolita Davidovich take her top off.

C: What do you think about all the comparisons between this movie and Police Academy?

This was the European version of Police Academy. More nudity and sex.

C: Tell us a little about the soundtrack.

We released a Thor album called Recruits-Wild In The Streets along with a video and single Ride Hard Live Free which became a British hit single.

C: How did you like working with the rest of the cast?

There were some great comedians that kept me laughing and some beautiful actresses that kept me rigid.

C: What were your personal favorite scenes?

I liked the fight scene where I say "I'm Going In There" and then I have some rumble with the big shaved head dude!

C: What were the hardest obstacles to tackle and overcome during the filming process?

Riding the bikes. I never rode motorcycles at all before filming but took a crash course. I flipped over the handle bars numerous times but got the hang of it.

C: Any special fun anecdotes of things that happened behind the scenes during the movie's filming?

T: Hanging out with Lolita Davidovich and some of the other actresses.

C: Looking back, is there anything you would have changed in the movie?

I would like my character "Thunderhead" to have had more fight scenes.

C: Anything I didn't ask that you'd like to say about Recruits?

T: Recruits went on to have a lot of success in Europe. In England it won a "Silver Award" for top video sales.



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