Report from THOR's 2007 Concert Tour
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by Steve Scott

The 2007 THOR "Into The Noise" tour to promote the upcoming cd "Into The Noise" was a huge success. Originally released on SDR Records first on digital, the excitement and impact from the tour and high volume downloads caused the album to be released on cd Jan 9th, 2008 through Sudden Death Records in association with Fathom Records. Joe Keithley, president of SDR Records said "This is THOR's best album yet".

Although not as many cities as the "Thor Against The World" 2005 tour which was 50 shows and in 2006 which THOR played 43 dates for the "Devastation Of Musculation" album (both on Smog Veil Records), the 13 concerts went over like a massive Thunder Storm.

Starting in August THOR crushed all bands with the live performance at the North West MetalFest. Thousands witnessed a performance that left many fans going berserk for the Power Sound Of Thor. Many fans travelled long distances to witness the might of THOR. There even were a group of warriors that drove the THOR MOBILE all the way way (3,000 miles) from Toronto. The car had the THOR logo emblazened all over it.

Further shows followed, Calgary, Portland, Vancouver, Milwaukee, Chicago, Los Angeles. One by One each city felt the Hammer Of Thor with a pounding onslaught. Each night jammed packed audiences would sing along with the songs, headbang, fist pump and show major hysteria.

See video of Thor in Chicago.

See highlights from Thor in Chicago/Milwaukee.

THOR performed with Mike Kischnick(Guitar), Steve Bifford (Bass)and Eric The Red(Drums) in many of the shows Calgary, Vancouver, Chilliwack Northwest MetalFest, Kelowna..Mike Kischnick "The Swordsman" wowed the throng of reved up fans with his stage antics and stellar guitar playing.

See THOR Live in Vancouver Video.

Jet Starsystems (bass), Ben Frith (Drums), and Adam Riddle (Guitar), played Portland and Vancouver at the Scratch Records 20th anniversary concet series in November. THOR received RAVE Reviews in the press. During the opening acts performances, fans disrupted the event by chanting THOR!,THOR! THOR! and causing a disturbance. Announcer NARDWUAR had to bring THOR out half dressed from backstage to calm the crowd down so the evening could continue. In Portland, the show had to be temporarily haulted as Thor's all female fan club "The Valkyries" attacked the stage. Fresh off their European appearances,The Punk Group gave an top notch performance. Their new cd is going to be a BIG seller!

THOR then flew to Chicago and Milwaukee and rocked with Dave Stepanich (guitar), Phil Vickman (bass), Brian Grady (drums), Steve Gerlach (Guitar).

Sonny Dean Guitar), Jet Starsystems (Bass) and GIDO (drums) joined in Vancouver at the Arts Club for a Blizzard Ridden "Night of the Champions in Vancouver. Even though there was a large snow storm, fans braved the ice and winter storm as the place was packed.

One of the wildest shows ever was in Hollywood, California December 9th at Safari Sams. The huge crowd witnessed the new (Zombie Viking) THOR look as THOR played alongside an ALLSTAR Los Angeles band. Frank Meyer (guitar), Bruce Duff (Bass), Danny Boy (Guitar), Mike Knutzon (Guitar). Frank Meyer and Bruce Duff were major players in the 2005 "THOR AGAINST THE WORLD" album release on Smog Veil Records.

The band were on Fire. THOR electrified the crowd with high energy force,His hammer,axe and sword pounding to the rythym of the searing band of warriors,special effects (a lightning bolt was hurled over the crowd as they watched in disbelief) and fast paced mask and costume changes. Holz who looks like Arnold Schwarzennegger ,from the amazing band ARNOCORPS, jumped on stage and sang with THOR and then leaped back into the crowd. THOR went on to the balcony and grabbed a throne that he was going to break into pieces. Instead, he then brought it down to the mosh pit where the throng of feverent fans lifted up the throne with THOR sitting in it like Conan the Barbarian and carried it through the audience to the stage. It was the first ever "Throne Surfing". I can't beleive that Safari Sam's still stood in one piece and withstood the Thunder and Shaking from a night of THOR, ArnoCorps, Rosmarie's Billy Goat.

See Review of Los Angeles/Safari Sam's Dec. 9th show here.

All in all it was the most amazing THOR tour ever. THOR would like to thank the fans for their loyal support and in making the concerts so successful.

Watch out for the upcoming 2008 "INTO THE NOISE" THOR North American/European Tour.
THOR, Steve Price, Mike Favata, Mike Kischnick have BIG plans coming your way!