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THOR began his 2006 tour in June, promoting his Devastation of Musculation CD, and rocked the USA and Canada through October.

I was only able to travel with THOR and the band during the first couple weeks of the tour, so this report is heavy with photos from those shows. However, I am taking submissions from other fans (photos or reports) who attended THOR shows in 2006.

After reading the text on this page, start at the top left column of images on this page, click the thumbnail image and see the full photos & info in chronological order...as it happened on tour with THOR.

THOR's band during the first leg of the tour:

Jon Mikl THOR - Vocals/Masks/Weapons
Jeff "Burgundy" Decker - Guitar/Fire-breathing
Steve "Tuco" Jacobs - Bass
Dave Goldberg - Drums

The band consists of well-known musicians from the Omaha, Nebraska area...each coming from varied backgrounds in punk, metal, and rock. It was a great line-up, who played THOR's songs fast & furiously. Jeff did a great job with his fire-breathing antics during the tour, and was definitely a crowd-pleaser.

THOR and I flew to Omaha, Nebraska for the first show in the US for 2006. He was flying from Calgary, Canada...after his first few shows in his home country, and I was coming from my home office in North Carolina. We were meeting the band & crew in Omaha, where we'd play the first US show, then all pile into a refurbished handicapped transport van for our trip across the USA.

Uber THOR fan, Chirstos Dimitriadis, drove from Kentucky to meet the band in Nashville, and worked as part of the crew for the next two weeks. Thanks for your dedication and support, Christos! It was great to have you along on the tour.

We met so many loyal THOR fans along the way spanning all age groups; Those who had been rocking to THOR since the 70's & 80's, and those who recently discovered him via the internet, or by raiding their parents' record collections. Thanks very much to everyone who made the effort to attend the shows, especially those who drove for hours from other cities.

After I left the tour, Mike Kischnick (who has written & recorded many songs with THOR) joined as a 2nd guitarist, and fit in perfectly with Jeff Decker. Steve "Ogron" Bifford and Kent "Panthar" Kynaston handled bass & drums duties for some of the Canadian shows. Ben Frith played drums on Nov. 18th in Vancouver.

Original THOR guitarist Steve Price, and original THOR drummer Mike Favata joined THOR on a few dates later in 2006. Wish I could've seen those shows!

Thanks to all the Rock Warriors who supported THOR in any way during his 2006 tour.

Contact me to submit your own tour stories, photos, etc.

- Michael "Thundergeek" Pilmer
--Webmaster & Archivist for THOR

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