Speaking of odd requests...

Krystin Walters of Gainesville showed up early with one goal in mind.

I saw her sitting in the club alone long before the opening band's set, and she remained there for at least an hour before I approached her.

Me: "Excuse me...I noticed you sitting here by yourself for a long time. Are you waiting for someone?"

She: "Yes, I'm waiting for THOR. I'm a huge fan of his movie Rock n' Roll Nightmare, and I showed up early in hopes that I could ride him like a monkey."

Me: "You want to ride THOR like a monkey??"

She: "Yes...I want to ride on his back around the club...like a monkey"

Me: "I think I can work that out for you."

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Common Grounds - Gainesville, FL. July 25, 2005

Photo by Michael Pilmer.
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