Although Jon Mikl Thor is world famous for starring in movies and as a superstar Rock Performer, Thor also astounded the world with his award winning physique when he was just a teenager.

Jon Mikl Thor won many titles (such as Mr. Canada, Mr. USA, Mr. North America, Mr. Universe, Mr. International and competed with the greats such as Lou Ferrigno, Mike Katz, Ken Waller, and even Arnold Schwarznegger.

Jon travelled the globe from New York to Geneva, Switzerland and went on to win over 40  titles through his bodybuilding career before becoming a professional entertainer.

Many of THOR's fans ask him how he developed his champion  body.
On the page, Thor will answer questions and give out body building advice to those who request it.

Thor was the first Canadian in history to win both the Mr. Canada and Mr. USA title. Thor was planning to enter the Mr. Olympia championship but left competition at just 19 years old to pursue fame and fortune in the entertainment world.

Thor is like a panther in the gym, tensed and ready for each new rep as though on the prowl for a jungle enemy.

A raging cat on the gym floor, Jon rests only as little as needed between sets. To see Thor train with the weights is pure determination in action.

Below you'l find photos from Jon's body building career.

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Photo behind this text by Ron Keillor - Mr. Canada Competition 1973

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